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Scenes From Sunday

What’s the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Why, catching fish, climbing mountains and chasing rainbows, of course. It just so happens that that is exactly what we did today.

After a quiet morning at home, we decided to head towards Holter Lake. We usually jump off the freeway once we hit Recreation Road because the drive along the Missouri is always so pretty. Fisherman have taken over the river once again, and it was full of boats and rafts. We also came across some bighorn sheep and mule deer. Last winter was a tough one, and the critters are looking pretty rough.

Once we made it to Holter Lake, the tackle box come out. I had some happy kids and a very happy husband. We definitely need to make more time for fishing. Rob was especially happy today because he caught himself a fish. We stayed for a while after his catch to see if the kids would be as lucky, but no such luck today. More fishing is planned for next weekend, so hopefully the kids will be more successful.

On the way back home, we stopped at Tower Rock State Park. I guess we were feeling adventurous today, because we decided to climb the rock. It was a great hike up, and the view from the top was beautiful. William had a hard time staying away from the edge, but I guess that’s to be expected from a boy who lives on the edge.

For a day that was supposed to be rainy, it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. After about seven hours of goofing off, it was time to head home. On the drive back, we ran into that rain we had heard about. We also followed a rainbow home. It started out very faint, then grew in brightness until it was full, and then became a double rainbow. The kids wanted to find the gold at the end, but unfortunately it faded before we got close enough.

We had a great day being out and about. I love the fact that our hobbies are pretty cheap, throw in a few dollars for gas and a container of worms and we are all set. The kids seem to like exploring as well, so it makes for great family time.

If only the weekend didn’t have to end…

6 thoughts on “Scenes From Sunday

  1. We’re looking forward to some good times like that when we come to visit. You know how much we like to explore! The scenery is gorgeous at “the rock”!

  2. I’m thinking you carried the gold with you. Maybe the rainbow itself was just the reflection of a carful of tired, happy kids headed home from a stellar day. And, um, nice fish!

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