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An Eventful Evening

It was a busy night here in the Harper House. Unfortunately, we had to split up, which we do not do very often.

Rob took the boys over to the Cub Scouts cross-over dinner. They were supposed to do a camp-out, but it was cancelled because of the rainy weather. William became a Wolf tonight, and Nathan joined the Scouts as a Tiger. Rob is going to stay on as a den leader, but he plans on staying with the Tigers so he can be there for Nathan’s first year, just as he was for William.

While the boys were feasting on chicken and baked beans, Catheryn and I were down at the Mansfield Theater for her spring recital, Suesicca. It was a fun, but very long, production. Catheryn did a ballet and a tap performance. Unfortunately, they do not allow you to take pictures inside the theater.

When the recital was over, the boys came and picked us up. We should have gone for ice cream, but 10pm is a little late. Perhaps we will have to do that tomorrow.

Catheryn in her tap costume before the show began.


Her ballet costume and flowers, just after the show.

4 thoughts on “An Eventful Evening

  1. They are all growing up so fast. My congrats to William for moving up in scouting, Nathan for starting his scouting adventure and Catheryn for being beautiful and talented. Way to go mom and dad!

  2. It’s nice that the boys have the same likes as far as the scouts goes, so Rob can be involved in both their activities. Catey is so adorable in her outfits! I’ll bet she did a fantastic job!

    • Nathan is pretty excited to be part of the Pack, and William is even going to show him the ropes! Catheryn did great at her Recital, but I think she is glad it is over.

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