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Adventures in Geocaching

It was a nice Saturday morning. We had some rain, but the skies were beginning to clear off and we were itching to take a little drive. We had planned on heading to Freezeout Lake Waterfowl Area to see the snow geese and swans, only to learn that they had already moved on. Our next choice: Geocaching. I printed out a couple near Fairfield and Freezeout, so we ventured out to see what we could find.


The first cache we looked for was on Freezeout Lake. We parked the car and headed out into a field in search of an ammo can. Rob spotted it first, but kept quiet and just told the kids the area to look in. Catheryn was the first to find it. It was filled with all sorts of little trinkets and treasures. Each of the kids took a treasure and left one. I think we made it home with a pink marble, a white marble and a color-changing Bic pen.


After we took the drive around the lake, we headed to the second cache. Unfortunately, we weren’t as lucky with that one. It was a micro cache, and no matter how much we looked, we just couldn’t seem to locate it. We decided it would be best to stick with the ammo can size anyway. The kids probably wouldn’t have been quite as excited about a small rolled up piece of paper in a bison tube.

We had tried a few Geocaches when the kids were really young, but it was a lot more difficult. Now that they are getting older, caches make for perfect adventures!

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Geocaching

  1. I love how all of them are wearing hats for the “outing”. That is so me! Careful though, I have friends at work that are addicted to geocaching!

  2. I’ve never heard of geocaching but it looks like you all had a fun time doing it. What a fun way to spend the day with your family.

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