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The Perfect Evening

Friday nights are my favorite. Homework has all been turned in. Spelling tests have been taken. Work for the week is complete. There is no need to get to bed early, for you don’t have to wake up to the alarm clock in the morning.

Rob tends to leave us the car on Fridays and we enjoy the special treat of driving to school. When the final bell of the day rings, the kids and I pile in the car and head to the store. We pick up movies, pizza and treats. Then we swing by Rob’s work and we all head home together.

We then spend our evening eating pizza, gorging on special treats and laughing hysterically at whatever movie happens to be playing. I am usually on the couch, buried under children and my big red blanket. More often than not, I am sound asleep. Remington P. Cat usually joins us as well. Rob is stretched out in his chair, enjoying the peace that always arrives come Friday afternoon.

Nights like these are definitely my favorite. Nothing can compare to a restful evening at home, surrounded by the ones you love.

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