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Introducing… Slither

Last weekend, when Rob and I went to pick up our kids after Bloomsday, William came in carrying a red coffee can. It was complete with air holes on top, and I knew instantly that he had found a new pet. The only thought in my mind was, “Oh, please don’t let it be a snake.”

It wasn’t, thank goodness. What William had in his can was a Western Skink. Apparently he went lizard hunting with his Auntie and came across this little critter. I was quickly informed that its name was Slither, and was later told that it is a girl, because it has no… boy parts.


So Monday we went house hunting. Slither couldn’t live in a can forever, so we had to search for some prime lizard real estate at an affordable price. We put together a nice little set-up and then let Slither move in. I think she likes it, although it is hard to tell, she’s not exactly a social butterfly.

Slither is currently living on top of Flash. With only one heat lamp, they have to share. Hopefully this is a temporary arrangement, but it works for now. She is pretty quiet, so Flash doesn’t seem to mind that she moved in upstairs.  

4 thoughts on “Introducing… Slither

  1. Boys will be boys! Takes me back a few years to when our boys were that age and coming home with all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures! We had a menagerie!

  2. When I first saw her, I thought it WAS a snake, and couldn’t believe you would let a snake in your house. Sure glad you clarified it for me! She is very pretty, though. We used to bring home black and yellow spiders in mason jars when I was a kid. Wonder why I hate spiders so much now? I know those will NEVER be a willing pet in your house!

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