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Little Known Facts

I am lacking inspiration tonight. There are a lot of things to write about, but none of the topics are demanding my attention right now.


I snooped around a little bit to get some ideas and one of the things I consistently came across was a Top 10 list. There are Top 10’s for just about everything. Since my brain has gone to bed without me, I am going to have a go at my own list. I feel the need to apologize in advance, but here goes…

Top 10 Little Known Facts About Me

1. I like my pancakes raw in the middle. Always have. I just love it when you cut one in half and the batter runs out. Mix it with a little syrup and you have the perfect breakfast treat. 

2. I cannot bite ice cream with my front teeth.  

3. My left foot is more ticklish than my right. It feels everything, where my right foot is usually just along for the ride.

4. I can’t stand seeing windshield wipers up on parked cars. 

5. I have an incredible sense of direction. I kid you not. Tell me exactly where you want to go and we will not only take the scenic route, we will end up 20 miles in the wrong direction. Ask my husband how many times he had to turn a semi truck around because of me. I can laugh about, it is still too soon for him. And in case you hadn’t noticed, by incredible, I meant horrible

6. Why do some find it necessary to say 6am in the morning? Are am and morning not the same thing? So it is 6am in the morning as opposed to 6am in the… evening?

7. I have a bad temper. I keep it under control most of the time, but when I hit my breaking point, you might want to run. According to Rob, I am only terrifying if you are a six-year-old, but I know better…

8. I have an obsession with dance movies.    

9. I despise shoe shopping. I would rather be pecked to death by a chicken than buy a pair of shoes for myself. I vote that we all go barefoot. 

10. I love french fries dunked in a vanilla milkshake. McD’s is the best for this. Their super salty fries mix perfectly with their think, creamy shakes. I normally don’t let any of my foods touch, but this is the exception. Try it. You’ll love it.

Perhaps creating a Top 10 list wasn’t the best idea for me after all. Too late. Tune in next week for The Top 10 Reasons Not To Do A Top 10 List.

Special thanks to my husband for helping to point out all my quirks. I had no idea there were so many.

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