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Our Newest Addition

As some of you may already know, my kids, Nathan especially, are in love with turtles. Every time we go into the pet store, they admire them. Turtles are not exactly cheap when you have to buy the whole set-up, so the kids have been limited to just ooh’ing and aah’ing over them while at the store. 

As it turns out, Nathan’s buddy from school just so happens to have a turtle. What started out as a simple statement, Hey! I have a turtle, soon turned into Hey! You can have my turtle! I’ve learned that kids don’t always mean what they say, so I didn’t put too much thought into it. That is, until I saw his mom and she asked me when we wanted to go see the turtle.

So this afternoon we stopped by for a little visit. We ended up cleaning the turtle with a toothbrush and washing out his tank. The kids thought that was pretty cool. As we were getting ready to leave, Nathan’s buddy said he wanted us to have his turtle. Guess what we now have in our living room?

This poor little guy is traumatized. And most likely seasick. He sloshed around in his tank all the way to Rob’s work and back. He had a cat’s face at his level for a chunk of time, not to mention three little faces that kept staring at him. I have been trying to take his picture, but he keeps hiding from me. He has a very disgusted look on his face and I am pretty sure he is not saying very nice things about us right now.

I can’t say that I blame him, though. Life in our house takes some getting used to. The non-stop activity and excessive noise level are a lot to take in. But once you have been poked and prodded enough, you don’t even notice it anymore. He’ll either go crazy or he will become one of us. Which, now that I think about it, are practically the same thing.

I realized this afternoon that my kids are lucky in one aspect. You see, I love the critters as much as they do, so unless they want to bring home a snake or spider, chances are that I won’t turn them down. (My poor husband…)

Hmmm, perhaps Flash needs a friend…  


6 thoughts on “Our Newest Addition

  1. Kids and pets are the same the world over aren’t they? We had almost every type of pet you can imagine when our kids were little – your post reminded me of those days!
    I’m sure the turtle will settle in and become part of the family. Hope Nathan and the others keep up with the tank cleaning chores!

  2. Flash is such a cute name for a turtle! Loved this post–however, you were not clear about exactly whose pet this is??? Hmmm…funny thing about that. And, come on– why not a snake too?

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