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Winter’s Hold

We had another week of snow. Not constant snow, and it is not cold enough for it to stick and pile up, but it just keeps snowing. I saw a statement yesterday that read Winter is not done with Montana yet. Isn’t that the truth.

As desperate as I am for heat, the snow is not really bothering me. Sure it is cold and the wind is ruthless, but there is a small reminder in our backyard that this kind of weather cannot go on forever. No matter how strong winter’s grasp may be, eventually it will have to let go.

The lilacs aren’t going to let gray skies and a little snow slow them down. They know that their time is coming and they are getting ready to shine. 

The lilacs know their turn is coming.

11 thoughts on “Winter’s Hold

  1. Hang in there! It’ll be worth it in the end. And, by the way, you are such a great photographer! I love your pictures!

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