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Ewe’ve Got A Friend In Me

The kids and I got off to a rough start this morning. For some reason, when I ask them to hurry up, they always go slower. Maybe tomorrow morning I will ask them to slow down, just to see what happens. Instead of getting jackets and shoes on, as we do every morning at the same time, William was bouncing a basketball, Catheryn was reading a book and Nathan had disappeared. (No worries, he was just on the porch, playing in the dirt.) Needless to say, we were late leaving the house. The kids rode their bikes to school and I ran. By the time we arrived, we were all hot and tired, not to mention late. The bell had rung and everyone was already inside. We had never been that late before.

Once I dropped my tardy kids off, all that was left to do was drag my sweaty behind up the stairs and hope I didn’t pass my boss (aka The Principal) on the way. But before I made it that far, I ran into a friend of mine. “This has your name written all over it,” she said as she handed me a mug. The mug made me smile. It made me forget all about our crazy morning. And being late for school. This kind gesture turned my whole morning around, it made me smile throughout the day, and it will continue to do so for years to come.          

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