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An Afternoon With The Elephants

While at the Shrine Circus today, we learned some cool facts about elephants.

  • Elephants eat 350 pounds of grass a day
  • They are closer to humans and apes that to any other mammal
  • The average mature elephant weights 7,000 to 8,000 pounds
  • Elephants sleep for 6 hours a day and eat for the other 18
  • They are gentle and affectionate animals
  • Elephants bond readily with humans and are easily domesticated

There is something about these gentle giants that makes them irresistible. Perhaps it is their sheer size, or their sweet faces and gentle eyes. They gave kids rides between shows and during intermission. They were also the last act of the show.


I have mixed feelings about animals in the circus, though. Do they truly enjoy giving rides and performing tricks all day? Would they continue if they were given the option to stop? If they had the opportunity to leave, would they choose to stay?

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