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A Visit From The Tooth Fairy

“Losing baby teeth were a part and parcel of one’s life – a symbol of growing up, and it is the tooth-fairy that makes this otherwise dreaded and painful process an exciting one – something to look forward to.”  ~Mansi Maheshwari

Miss Catheryn has her very first loose tooth and boy, oh boy is she excited. It is loose enough that I thought she might even lose it this evening, but no such luck.

Her big brother also had a loose tooth, though nowhere near as loose as his little sister’s was at the end of the school day. But, once he discovered just how loose Catheryn’s tooth was, he started wiggling. And he wiggled. And wiggled. And wiggled some more. Until just before bed this evening, he pulled it out.

Mr. Competitive, that one is. So the Tooth Fairy will be visiting our house tonight, and I fully expect she will have to come back tomorrow as well.

Of course, this being Catheryn’s first tooth, the Tooth Fairy will have to give her the $5 that her big brother got when he lost his first tooth. (Talk to Mr. Tooth Fairy about that one.) William is on his 6th, so he will receive the $2 that he has gotten for all teeth lost after the first one. Now for the million dollar question. Do you think this difference will go unnoticed by big brother? I don’t either…

3 thoughts on “A Visit From The Tooth Fairy

  1. Wow, it’s the twins’ turn for that already. But, then again, they ARE 6. Where has the time gone?! Nate will be soon, too!

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