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My New Alarm Clock

“There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast.”  ~Author Unknown

I came across this quote while looking for something completely different, but once I read it, I knew that I had to share it with you.

Remington P. Cat has feasted on milk, both white and chocolate, tuna and lunch meat for many years, but he has never been given canned cat food. That is, until this past Christmas.

A friend of mine gave Remi two cans of wet food for the special day. My genius idea was to give him one bite every morning for breakfast. The problem with this is that when you give a kitty only one bite, a can will last about eight days. Multiply this by two cans and Remi had a scrumptious breakfast of shredded chicken in gravy for a little over two weeks. He was hooked. 

My first mistake came when I thought I could simply stop giving him wet food once the cans ran out. My second mistake came when I thought I could sleep in on the weekends and just feed the spoiled little kitty whenever I got around to getting out of bed.

Nope. Remi keeps me on a tight schedule. He demands his breakfast at 7am. Every day. Not only does he require a daily dose of shredded chicken, he expects to have something to rinse it down with. And no, water will not suffice. Milk is the second course. Preferably chocolate. 

The unknown author of this quote wasn’t kidding. Remi starts meowing at 7am. He jumps on and off the bed. He meows around the house. He walks up and down my sleeping body. He talks in my face. He paws at the blankets. He continues this until I surrender. 

Defeated, I get up and feed him his stinky spoonful of slop, all the while telling him what a spoiled little boy he has become. I even threaten to take away his wet food. But he is looking up at me with those big beautiful eyes while purring loud enough to wake the neighborhood, and I know that I will not follow through on my threats.

Not today anyway. But when he wakes me up in the morning, I’m sure I’ll feel differently.

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