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An Eye Opener

I came across a picture of myself today, tucked safely away inside a book. My guess is that it had been there since shortly after it was taken. This particular picture was taken a little over ten years ago.

This is the first picture I have ever seen that has made me realize just how much older I am getting. I hadn’t noticed any of the day-to-day changes that come with age, and I always assumed I looked the same as I did back then. Outward appearances haven’t changed much. My hair is identical. I am still pretty much the same size. But the face staring out at me is very different. Almost unrecognizable. Nothing has changed, and yet, everything has.     

I suppose it is the same way with children. Seeing them everyday, you don’t notice how they are changing, but pick up a picture that was taken last year, and you can’t believe how much they’ve grown. I must confess, I find it much easier to watch other people get older than it is to watch myself. 

Coming across this old picture has taught me two things. First, I’m not exactly sure where the last ten years have gone, but I’m pretty sure they marched across my face on their way out. And second, I am in desperate need of a new hairstyle.

10 thoughts on “An Eye Opener

  1. Yes, hi… long time reader, first time commenter here. I’d just like to say that, being the man who is fortunate enough to come home to you every night, I think you are as beautiful today as you were the day we met. And to “Dad” THAT’S supposed to make someone feel better??? Hello!

  2. I’m sorry, but I think my comment was taken wrong. I didn’t mean you weren’t one of our most beautiful daughters, always have been and always will be. But, I was making a comment from an old lady’s aspect, who’s life has passed by her so fast, she can’t remember most of it. End of story.

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