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An Afternoon With The Cub Scouts

The plan was to meet this afternoon at the Boy Scout District Office to learn first aid from the Fire Department.

But before we went to the first aid training, the Tiger Cubs met at the park for some hiking, games and bird watching. We weren’t having any luck finding birds, most likely because we were a little on the loud side, so the boys took up a game of tag, followed by Red Rover. The intention was to wear the kids out a little so that when it was time to listen to the first aid training, they might actually be able to hold still. For some reason, this strategy never seems to work. Must be all the excitement.

When we arrived at the training, we met up with all the other Cub Scouts. The Fire Department gave the boys lessons in splinting broken arms, treating burns and the proper way to wrap and care for large cuts.

After the first aid training, everyone gathered around the fire pit and learned how to properly retire a torn and frayed flag. Each person was handed a piece of the flag and we learned what each different color stands for as we put them in the fire. It was a very good lesson.

Everyone had a good time. We may not have been able to wear the kids out, but we’re pooped…

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