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Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Nomads. Wanderers. Vagabonds. I don’t know exactly what we are, but we never seem to be in one place for very long. I’m not sure if we are looking for something in particular, or if we simply get bored and crave a change of scenery. Either way, we are of the restless variety. We have made quite a few moves in the last ten years, and I am sure there will be more before we are done. 

When I saw that this week’s photo challenge theme was “home,” I wasn’t sure which direction to go with it. We rent a home in this state and own one in another. Basically, we are in limbo. Both houses are ours in a way, and yet, neither of them are.

It was Rob who reminded me that “home is where you hang your hat.” While doing a little research on this particular saying, I came across this entry on Wiktionary:

1. Rather than feeling nostalgic or sentimental, one should simply accept any place where one happens to reside as one’s home.

Fair enough. This is where we reside. This is where Rob hangs his hat. This is home.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. Cute picture! Home is definitely where you hang your hat, where the heart is and where you park your car. As long as there is love, it will always be home.

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