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Excessive Celebrating On Oriental Avenue

Have you ever played Monopoly Revolution? It’s a newer version of Monopoly with bank cards instead of paper money. Some of the rules are the same, but new ones have been added as well. To me, the most bizarre part is collecting $2 million when you pass GO, paying $260k for rent and forking out another $1 million to buy a property.

Nathan assisted me, Catheryn assisted Rob and we all ganged up against William. While it may seem wrong to gang up on a seven-year old, I assure you, William is one obnoxious, impatient and cocky player. He is not at all what one would consider humble. If he were an NFL player, he would constantly be penalized for excessive celebrating. That’s just how he rolls.

At the same time, he is not a graceful loser. The funny thing was that he wasn’t even losing, he simply had to pay rent. You can just take all my money, he says with his head down and his sad face on. Seriously? About three seconds ago you were dancing on the table because we had to pay rent to you! He definitely prefers everything to be in his favor. 

Eventually the twins gave up on the game and went into their room to rough-house, and Rob and I were saved by bath time for William. He was sad that we weren’t finishing the game, but happy when Rob and I told him that he won. He did, after all, have over $20 million while Rob and I were struggling to keep $1 million. William and his hotels, I tell you what. He may not be very good at keeping his emotions in check, but the kid knows how to play Monopoly.

2 thoughts on “Excessive Celebrating On Oriental Avenue

  1. Your Grandma HATES Monopoly! That’s because when her kids were small (my siblings and I), we argued too much while playing traditional Monopoly. To this day, she won’t even play it on a slot machine, AND SHE LOVES TO GAMBLE!

    • That’s so funny! Even after all these years, she still doesn’t like it. I see how that can happen, though. Hopefully we come out still enjoying games in the end…

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