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My Priceless Art Collection

I have a stunning art collection. Currently, I own three original pieces of art. These are not copies. They are truly one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted items. 

I received the first piece a couple of weeks ago. The artist was very proud of this particular design. He made sure I knew to handle it with care, especially on the walk home from the gallery. Knowing its value, I made sure to do just that.  

Nathan's Friendly Dinosaur

Then, last week, I was very excited to bring home the second piece for my collection. Unfortunately, the artist was a little sad because he felt that the other artists had made cooler stuff, but I assured him that his was absolutely perfect. I have never seen such beautiful pottery. Stunning textures, amazing paint job. Priceless.

A Beautiful Bowl by William

 Now this third piece I brought home just this week. It completes my collection perfectly. The shape of this creation is amazing. Have you ever seen such a unique design?

Catheryn's Sea Creature

I have three amazing artists and I have a feeling that they will be designing more stunning pieces over the next several years. This is the best kind of art. The kind formed by the little hands that I hold so dearly. The kind that can’t be found in any store. The kind made especially for me. I am one lucky Mama.

2 thoughts on “My Priceless Art Collection

  1. You certainly are one lucky Mama! But, I, too, have some priceless art in the form of paintings that I designed a wall-hanging around. I just have to make it! I have some very bright and cute fabric that matches all of the paintings perfectly! So, I am one lucky Grammy!

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