My Run in Theaters Tonight!

I recently came across a trailer for a movie called My Run. (I think it popped up on facebook, of all places.) It is a story about a man who, after losing his wife to breast cancer, set out to run 75 marathons in 75 consecutive days is order to bring attention to the difficult lives of single-parent families.

This movie is showing one night only across the country, and that one night happens to be tonight. I was really interested in seeing it, but unfortunately it will not be playing in our town. The closest showing is 70 miles down the road.

I just wanted to pass this along, in case you would be interested, but hadn’t heard about it. If you happen to go, perhaps you wouldn’t mind letting me know how it was.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

We don’t make it over to the ocean very often, but there is one trip in particular that I remember extremely well. Almost ten years ago, while Rob and I were on our Honeymoon, we spent a few days in Ocean Park and Long Beach, WA. I couldn’t help but think that a few pictures from that wonderful trip would be perfect for this ocean challenge.


An Eye Opener

I came across a picture of myself today, tucked safely away inside a book. My guess is that it had been there since shortly after it was taken. This particular picture was taken a little over ten years ago.

This is the first picture I have ever seen that has made me realize just how much older I am getting. I hadn’t noticed any of the day-to-day changes that come with age, and I always assumed I looked the same as I did back then. Outward appearances haven’t changed much. My hair is identical. I am still pretty much the same size. But the face staring out at me is very different. Almost unrecognizable. Nothing has changed, and yet, everything has.     

I suppose it is the same way with children. Seeing them everyday, you don’t notice how they are changing, but pick up a picture that was taken last year, and you can’t believe how much they’ve grown. I must confess, I find it much easier to watch other people get older than it is to watch myself. 

Coming across this old picture has taught me two things. First, I’m not exactly sure where the last ten years have gone, but I’m pretty sure they marched across my face on their way out. And second, I am in desperate need of a new hairstyle.

Cinnamon Chip French Toast

The Great Harvest Bread Company makes the most delicious bread, but the one that has quickly become our favorite is cinnamon chip. When we are lucky enough to get one of these highly sought-after loaves, we simply tear big chunks off and devour them. Sometimes the loaf doesn’t even make it home.

It was Rob who mentioned that the cinnamon chip bread would make excellent french toast. Boy was he right. 

Nothing beats breakfast for dinner. We were so excited to try the creation that everyone pitched in to get it ready faster.  

We ended up using the entire loaf of bread.  

Even chipmunk cheeks came in looking for more.

Cinnamon chip french toast has become a family favorite, but with bread like that, I’m not surprised. Just thinking about is makes my mouth water.

Too bad the bakery is not open on Sundays…

Off To A Good Start

As promised, the big clean-out began a couple of days ago. I decided to start in the kids’ room, simply because it is a constant battle to keep that room clean. Part of it comes from three kids sharing one room, and the rest comes from having too much stuff. 

Their room took me an entire day to do, and I hadn’t even made it to their drawers before I ran out of time. I finished those up this morning. I also rearranged their furniture, so now I need to move the pictures on their walls.

In all, I removed a big box of toys, a full bag of garbage and a full bag of clothes. Catheryn still had three pairs of 3T pajamas in her drawers. She currently wears size 6-7…

I forgot to take pictures before I started cleaning, but trust me, you didn’t want to see it anyway. This is what is looks like now.

I also got the hall closet cleaned out. It didn’t take nearly as long to do, but I was still amazed at some of the things I found in there. This is what it looked like before I started. 

New and improved, it looks like this.

I still have a long way to go, but I think I’m off to a pretty good start.