Adventures in Ice Skating

It’s always fun when the Cub Scouts have an activity that the whole family can participate in. Today we headed over to the Ice Plex for some ice skating. Rob was even brave enough to put skates on, even though he had never skated before and wasn’t so sure he wanted to. The kids all picked it up pretty quick, but they were going so fast that they spent a lot of time picking themselves up off the ice.

Me, well, I just followed Rob around taking pictures. At one point he threatened to squish me into the wall if I didn’t put the camera away. That’s gratitude for you. I simply try to capture all his “firsts” in the world of ice skating, and all he could do was threaten bodily harm. Humph.


I blew it anyway. He had one good fall, but he was so fast to pick himself up that I completely missed it. I think that was his intention, but still! Oh well, there’s always next time… right?