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Fun In Scouting

William has been staying busy with his Cub Scout Pack lately. The Tiger Cubs had the opportunity to talk with a WWII Veteran at a retirement home here in town. Down in the basement of the same building, they were able to meet with a local radio personality. The boys even put together a radio ad that was played on the air. This past week, theĀ Scouts had their Blue and Gold Banquet where most of the boys were awarded beads and pins. William and his Tiger Cub buddies completed enough activities to get their Tiger patches. They were all pretty excited about that and now they will be able to start earning yellow beads for their uniforms. The next activity they have planned is ice skating, and they will be doing that this Sunday. They also have their Pinewood Derby, which takes place on Monday. Rob is really getting involved as a Den Leader, and he is enjoying Scouting just as much as William is. Nathan is looking forward to being able to join in the fun next year.

2 thoughts on “Fun In Scouting

  1. I’m really glad Will and Rob have something they can really enjoy together. It will be nice for Nate, too, when he gets to join in on the fun. Daddy wants to know if you’re going to be a den mother when Catey join Girl Scouts? If she does, that is.

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