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With Fingers Crossed…

Awesome fishing. Amazing scenery. Remote setting. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? There is a 59-mile stretch of the Smith River that is only accessible by canoe or raft. There is one put-in and one take-out. If you want to float this chunk of the river, then you better have your application and $10 in to the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks by mid-February, because you’re going to have to have a permit.  The drawing is conducted toward the end of the month with nine parties allowed to float on each launch day.

It is long shot, I know. We don’t even have anything large enough for the whole family to float in. But, I couldn’t help myself. The application was on the counter mere days from the deadline and I guess I was feeling kind of lucky. Perhaps hopeful is a better word. 

There was a section for the applicant to list the preferred float dates. The float takes three days, so I figured a nice Friday, Saturday and Sunday would be just right for us. As I checked the calendar, I noticed that the 17th of June just happened to fall on a Friday. This year, our 10th Anniversary  also happens to fall on that exact date. Wow, I thought, now that would be an AWESOME way to celebrate 10 wonderful years together, and enjoy some great family time while we were at it.  

Sounds perfect to me. So, I sent the application in. With my fingers crossed. And my toes. And just about every other part of me that could be crossed. If we aren’t drawn, we’ll just try again next year. But, if we are drawn, well then, I better start looking for something that floats!    

The permit lottery results will be available online on February 23. That is only two days away… 

I borrowed some photos that I found online. Hopefully one day I will have my own to share.


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