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Simply… Books

The Scholastic Book Fair is being held in the library this week. I could get myself into a whole lot of trouble there. Since I spend a majority of my day in the library, I have had many opportunities to wander around the great selection of books for sale. Every time I look, I find more that I want to buy. The kids have picked out quite a few that they would like, each of their teachers has a wish list that people can purchase from to donate to the class, there are many that I would enjoy. I have even found several that Rob would really like. 

This is the exact reason I have a love/hate relationship with bookstores. Love them, but don’t love how expensive they are. If you were to send me on a shopping spree, I would spend all my time and money in the bookstore. Forget clothes or shoes or fancy furniture. I would rather fill the house with  millions of pages of adventure. The problem is that I am usually not able to spend very much in the bookstore. For this very reason, I tend to avoid them.

On the other hand, I have become a huge fan of Amazon. I can find great used books, a lot of times for under $5, including shipping. When they arrive in the mail, they bring all their glorious history with them. The coffee ring on the cover. A random highlighted line. A smudge on page 32. It makes me stop and wonder where exactly the book had been. How many times had it been read before it made its way to me? By who, exactly? 

I’m getting way off track here. Back to the book fair. Quite frankly, it’s torture walking around through all those books all day, knowing that I must behave myself. Luckily, it only lasts until Friday morning, then we’ll pack it all back up and it will be business as usual. I should be able to behave myself until then. At least the school library lets me take home as many books as I want. The only downside is that I eventually have to give them back…

4 thoughts on “Simply… Books

  1. I love books which brought me to your blog. My collection was given away last year when I was forced to downsize and move. I am starting a new collection now through Abebooks.com and I guy used books only. I would love to buy through Scholastics again. The years when I had a young daughter was so much fun. Now that she is a teenager, it’s not so fun. LOL.

  2. I love old books but don’t have time to read them. That’s why they are now in your collection. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do/did.

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