Through The Eyes Of A Child

It may have been predicted that spring will make an early appearance, but winter still refuses to go out without a bang. Yesterday it decided to start snowing. It was still doing so this morning.

The kids donned their snow pants and boots and we headed out the door for our walk to school. Most people had not been able to keep the sidewalks cleared, so we waded though ankle-deep powder most of the way. I tend to get hung up on an idea or thought from time to time, and when this happens, I think of little else. 

This morning I found myself thinking about how nice it will be once the snow is gone for good and we can start riding bikes to school again. The kids enjoy riding so much more and it makes the 3/4 mile go much faster. 

I was just thinking about the kids’ new helmets when William turned around and asked, “Do you know what one of the neatest things about snow is?” He caught me a little off guard so it took me a second to answer. I, of course, was curious so I asked him what he thought was so neat. 

“It feels like we are walking on the clouds,” was his reply.

He was absolutely right. I didn’t think about springtime bike rides after that. Instead, I found myself walking up in the clouds. And what a great walk it was.