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It All Started With A Cat

On February 5, 2000, Remington P. Cat joined our family. I probably would have forgotten the exact date, except that on this day, eleven years ago, I learned just how much Rob cared about me.

Growing up in a military family, we moved around a lot. We were supposed to hold off on owning pets until we stopped moving, but we always seemed to have a cat or two hanging around. Some things are just hard to live without. Cats being one of them. When we finally stopped moving, we had a grand total of six cats at my parents’ house. 

Rob, on the other hand, was a dog person. He had never had a cat voluntarily and had no plans of doing so. They were too independent, never came when they were called and only did what they wanted to do.

When Rob and I started dating, there were no cats in the picture, just his neurotic black lab named Deek. The dog who always had shoestrings of slobber hanging out of the sides of his mouth. The dog who counted cows as we drove down the road. The dog who swallowed a racquet ball and lived to tell about it.  Deek was the first dog I had ever really spent time around, and boy did he educate me on the behaviors of dogs. Well, crazy ones, anyway. 

As much as I enjoyed Deek, Rob knew that I missed having a cat around. And so on the 5th of February, in the year 2000, he drove us to the Missoula Humane Society where he told me to pick out a cat. I thought he was joking, but apparently not. The only request was that he be cool. Upon entering the kitty-cat infirmary, we spotted “Crosby.” He had a cold, and was hanging out with the other sick kitties, but he was just perfect. He was estimated to be about two-years-old, so we made that day his birthday. His name was later changed to Remington P. Cat, and it suits him.  

Today is Remi’s 13th birthday. He has moved a dozen times with us, gotten along with every critter he has come across and has adjusted like a champion to all changes. He loves his chocolate milk and tuna for breakfast and begs for milk every time the jug comes out of the fridge. He has definitely turned out to the be the cool cat that Rob requested.

But it was on this day eleven years ago that I discovered just how much Rob cared about me. He would do virtually anything if he thought it would make me happy. I realized that he was planning on keeping me around for a while. And all because he bought me a cat…

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