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A Very Special Bear

The other night, as we were making the bed, Rob made a comment about my teddy bear. Jeremy is actually older than I am. If I recall correctly, he was a gift to my older sister when she was about six months old. Somewhere along the way, I adopted him, and have had him ever since. By adopting him, I mean that I have slept with him for as long as I can remember and will most likely continue to do so until my time on earth is done.

Anyway, we had been talking about family treasures and things the kids would end up with one day. It was right about here that Rob mentioned Jeremy, and wondered who was going to end up with my stinky ol’ bear. I know Rob secretly likes Jeremy. He was, after all, the one who suggested we put the bear in a glass case on the mantle to preserve what is left of him. While I appreciated the thought, I was opposed to it. To be quite honest, I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep without him. 

No, I would rather him disintegrate in my arms than be preserved indefinitely. Who, I wondered, would ever love this little bear as much as I do? Perhaps one day my kids will want to keep him. Perhaps not. But either way, I am not done with him yet. We have come a long way together, and we still have a long way to go.

So, who wants this stinky ol’ bear? I do. The rest of you will just have to get in line.

5 thoughts on “A Very Special Bear

  1. Some things are just worth hanging on to, no matter how old, how they look or how they smell. Jeremy’s one of them. Cherish him for as long as he lasts, for there will never be another Jeremy.

  2. I love my big orange blanket, too. You and Jess will have to fight over who inherits it. It sure has come in handy on cold winter nights and for guests sleeping on the floor!

    • I have a feeling I will end up wearing my big blanket out long before the kids have a chance to inherit it! I use it every night all year long. Rob doesn’t understand how I can sleep with it even in August, but it usually takes me all summer to warm up from winter!

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