Kitty Love

Remington P. Cat has never met a critter he didn’t like. That is one the greatest things about him. When the dog comes inside, Remi is there to rub all over him. Wiggy Wabbit gets the same attention. Remi knows all about accepting others despite our differences and is a firm believer in unconditional love.

Um, cat? You're in my personal space.

I know, but I just want to love on you.

Seriously cat, get off me.

Please don't leave, I love you!

See You At The MAGIE!

With the growing season just around the corner, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Montana Agricultural and Industrial Exhibit, which was in town this weekend. We ventured over to see what they had to offer, and came home with balloons, candy, notepads, pens, stickers, coloring pages, you name it. The kids had no trouble at all taking free samples from the booths. Catheryn even tried to bring home a Septic Treatment Kit. It wasn’t part of the give-aways though, so she had to put it back. Bummer. You never know when you will need to treat your septic tank. 

Having fun 'driving' the tractor!

A Touch of Springtime

I try not to whine too much about the weather since there is really nothing I can do about it, but I must say that the last couple of months have been downright cold. If it hasn’t been in the single or negative digits, then the wind has been so strong that it has felt as though it were just as cold.

Not today. Today I felt the spring in the air. The sky was clear, the sun warm, the wind relatively calm. It was glorious. It was the kind of day necessary to remind you of what is to come. The mid-winter warmth that helps you make it through the next couple of months. 

We headed down to the park to soak up some sunshine. Lots of other people had the same idea. I suppose that when the warm days of mid-winter finally arrive, you better take advantage of them.

It was hard to see the sun go down on our beautiful day. The wind had picked up toward the end and I was afraid it was going to blow the cold back in. Not yet, I silently begged, please, not yet.

The weather report confirmed that I have no idea what will happen with the weather. It is showing temperatures in the 40’s all week. I think one day we might even hit 50! So, it is nearing the end of January and we have a week of warm weather ahead of us. It looks like we just might survive this winter after all.     

A Small Milestone

I have now completed two whole weeks of the post-a-day challenge! It is amazing how your thought process changes when you know you have to post something. I have gone from posting only when we had something going on, to actually having to think about topics and come up with things to say. It has been a somewhat rough start, but I am working on it.

In celebration of this two-week milestone, Rob helped me add a post-a-day widget over on my sidebar. (If you aren’t sure what a widget is, then you are not alone, because I’m not exactly sure either!)  

As for my posts, they are bound to get worse before they get better, but I sure do appreciate your company. Thanks for sticking around.  🙂

How Are Your Resolutions Holding Up?

Once the new year gets started, it goes by fast. Since we are almost a month into it already, I thought it would be a good time to check the status of our “goals.” I must confess that I had to scroll through some older posts to remind myself exactly what I am supposed to be working on. That’s probably not a good sign…

Rob and I just spent the last hour on the computer going over some fitness plans. Running Bloomsday is on the list of things to do this year and we will be running it together. That being said, we needed to make sure we are on the right track with training. As it turns out, we aren’t doing too bad. We are off to a good start and are only going to get better. May is coming up fast and we are determined to be ready this year.

As for our eating habits, I must say that we have greatly improved. Not only have we been eating better, but we are doing our best to make it a lifestyle change and not simply a diet. We’ve added a lot of fruits and veggies and eliminated sugars and starches. You want to know the weird thing? After you get used to them, veggies actually taste… good. (I can’t believe I just said that!)

How is this working for us? Rob and I have both lost weight and… drumroll please… Rob’s belt is in two notches!!! (I don’t think I was supposed to share that information, but he is doing so great that I just had to!) Give him a high-five the next time you see him, he deserves it.  🙂

There was one more thing on my list, but since it is not health related, I will save that update for another post.    

How about you? How are your Resolutions holding up?

Night at the Cinema

We are lucky enough to have a great theater here in town. You can show up wearing whatever you feel like. Blankets and pillows are encouraged. Snacks and drinks are free and (somewhat) unlimited. It’s impossible to be late because the movie would never start without you. And do you want to know the coolest part? The movie will be paused if you need to go to the bathroom. How many theaters are cool enough to do that? Not many, I tell you, not many at all…   

You Learn Something New Every Day

I like to think that my grammar and punctuation are (for the most part) correct.  I know I have a tendency to both overuse and misuse commas, but I have always hoped that I remembered enough from English class to make it day-to-day.  Of course, sometimes it takes someone mentioning your mistakes before you even realize you are making them. 

That is exactly what happened to me today.  I came across a blog titled How Many Spaces Should You Put After a Period?  After reading the title, I thought, well, two of course.  Wrong. 

Apparently the two space rule came from the days of typewriters and is not applicable to computers.  The correct answer is one.  No more, no less.  Who knew?  I had been taught two and had never heard otherwise. 

What made it worse for me is that a majority of her comments complained about how annoying it is that people insist on using two spaces, and other similar statements.  Was I the only one who didn’t get the memo?  I felt better as I kept reading comments and came across some people who also didn’t know, others who said they didn’t care and would use as many spaces as they wanted because why did it really matter anyway, and a few who said they would change their two-spacing ways starting now. 

I generally tend to follow the rules, so I thought I would be in the “I’ll fix it right now” group, but if you look back over this post, I used two spaces every time.  Not intentionally, of course, I’m not trying to be defiant.  But old habits die hard, so maybe I’ll change my ways starting tomorrow.  Then again…