Paying The Price For ‘Cheap’

Nathan’s bike was less than a year old when the bearings went out. The stitching started coming out on William’s Pillow Pet three days after he received it. A leg fell off Catheryn’s doll the first time she tried to position it. This seems to be happening a lot lately.  

My kids don’t get toys or surprises very often, but when they bring home a good report card or have been behaving really well, I like to get them a little something to thank them and encourage them to keep up the good work. I used to buy them a little toy from the dollar store or some place similar, but I don’t do that much anymore. These days I prefer to surprise them with a small treat or an ice cream cone. I never expect those to last, but the kids sure do enjoy them while they do. I would rather watch that than see them sad when their new treasure breaks after the second wind, twist or lauch.

I was reminded of why I avoid buying said toys just this past weekend. We went to get the twins a balloon for their birthday and I let each of the kids pick out a toy. Nathan’s was broken before we even made it home. The sad thing is that it is not only the dollar stores that sell this type of stuffEven the things we pay full-price for in a regular store don’t last very long before they end up at the bottom of the garbage can.  

Granted, kids can be a little rough, but when the propellers break off a helicopter the first time it flies, I don’t think it has anything to do with the kid. Of course, it goes beyond just toys. Most items seem to fall apart much faster than they used to.

I guess I’m just wondering why things have to be made so poorly. I know it makes them affordable and blah blah blah, but is it really worth it? It seems to me that if an item won’t last longer than 30 seconds, then it has no right to be on the shelf in the first place.