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Is The Sky Really Falling?

I was woken up this morning by an interesting commercial on the radio. It was talking about a man who has correctly predicted a lot of the country’s trends, and he has created a site telling us what is about to happen to our country and how we can prepare ourselves for it. Of course, I was half asleep as I was hearing it, so I didn’t fully understand the details, but I caught enough to peak my curiosity.

This evening I searched for the website, or at least what my half-asleep mind had thought it was, but I wasn’t having much luck. There are a lot of websites that have trends and predictions for the future, Gerald Celente being a big one, but I couldn’t locate the one I had heard about this morning. Rob took over the search and eventually found what I had been looking for. We then spent the next hour and a half listening to a man talk… and talk… and talk. He was one long-winded guy, but he made some good points, things that really made you think, and as far as I could tell, his research was firmly backed.  

I have seen and heard quite a bit about the condition of our country and the predictions for what is to come. Mostly it is related to our country’s finances. The fall of the dollar leading to food shortages and riots, and so much more. I am not a political person, and quite honestly I am not sure how I feel about a lot of what they say is to come, but it certainly makes me think. It makes me wonder what we would do if something that severe were to happen. 

My brain is so over-loaded with facts and statistics right now that I cannot effectively sort my thoughts. But what about you? Do you think there is any truth to the predictions? Do you think you would be prepared if something severe were to happen? I’m just curious. I don’t plan on running around like Chicken Little, but I’m not sure ignorance would be very blissful in this case.

2 thoughts on “Is The Sky Really Falling?

  1. It seems unlikely that hard times are not in our future, given that the world seems unwilling to properly address the converging ails of population growth and market driven resource allocation. But I see little value in preparing materially for something catastrophic, because in doing so one only becomes a focal point for those who have not. I mean, if something really bad happens, I know I’m going to Chad’s place .. I’ve seen that cache of liquor he’s sitting on! That said, however, I think it makes a whole lot of sense to ground one’s lifestyle in preparation for a shifting paradigm. Those who already live simply and down to earth will more easily adjust to $15/gallon gasoline and $10 loaves of bread than those who don’t.

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