A Touch of Springtime

I try not to whine too much about the weather since there is really nothing I can do about it, but I must say that the last couple of months have been downright cold. If it hasn’t been in the single or negative digits, then the wind has been so strong that it has felt as though it were just as cold.

Not today. Today I felt the spring in the air. The sky was clear, the sun warm, the wind relatively calm. It was glorious. It was the kind of day necessary to remind you of what is to come. The mid-winter warmth that helps you make it through the next couple of months. 

We headed down to the park to soak up some sunshine. Lots of other people had the same idea. I suppose that when the warm days of mid-winter finally arrive, you better take advantage of them.

It was hard to see the sun go down on our beautiful day. The wind had picked up toward the end and I was afraid it was going to blow the cold back in. Not yet, I silently begged, please, not yet.

The weather report confirmed that I have no idea what will happen with the weather. It is showing temperatures in the 40’s all week. I think one day we might even hit 50! So, it is nearing the end of January and we have a week of warm weather ahead of us. It looks like we just might survive this winter after all.