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Things We Grow Into…

My dad loves football season.  When I was a kid, he always had a game on.  Mom never cared for it.  Neither did us kids.  But Dad watched it anyway and almost always invited us to watch it with him.  We, of course, declined… every time. 

I’m pretty sure Mom still dislikes the sport, but somewhere along the way from there to here, something changed for both my sister and myself.  What was once a boring sport, has become an enjoyable game.  What made no sense what-so-ever, suddenly became clear.  What seemed to us as a waste of time, is now something we look forward to.           

It may have taken years to grow into football, but I rather enjoy it now.  I confess that there are some calls that still make no sense to me, and certain plays are over my head.  I don’t keep track of who plays for who, and I couldn’t tell you who Miami’s coach is, but football in general is an enjoyable sport to watch.  I even find myself hollering at the television from time to time.      

Whenever I am watching a game, I know that Dad, no matter how many miles separate us, is most likely watching it, too.  I don’t get to see him as often as I would like, but nowadays I accept his invitation, and we watch the game ‘together.’  Perhaps that is my favorite part…

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