Paris Gibson Museum of Art

This amazing sandstone building was completed in 1896 and was the first high school in Great Falls.  After 34 years it became a junior high school, which it remained for 45 years, until 1975.  Today it is the Paris Gibson Museum of Art, and has been since 1977.  The building started out with a beautiful clock tower, but it had to be removed in 1916 due to its heavy weight.  Other adjustments have been made over the years, but it remains an absolutely beautiful building right in the heart of Great Falls. 

The Museum is sponsored by a local insurance company so it is free to the public.  The building inside is just as stunning as it is from the outside and the art collections are great.

I must admit that this one startled me a little bit when I came around the corner.  I wasn’t expecting “someone” to be staring out into the hall. 

Catheryn’s favorite piece of art was a painting titled “The Breakfast Club.”  It was one of my favorites as well.

This one is a “dog tag” for every fallen soldier in the Iraq conflict.  It is called Three-Thousand and Counting, and was started back in 2005 by Jean Price.  It is an ongoing project.