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My Favorite Christmas Moment

It has been a wonderful Christmas.  I have loved every aspect of it:  watching the kids’ excitement, hanging out in our jammies, the smell of Christmas dinner in the oven.  But I got to thinking, if I had to pick a favorite moment, what would it be?  I wasn’t sure at first, until I was scanning through pictures.  But in order to explain my choice, I have to back up a little bit… 

Our son, Nathan, is completely in love with the color green.  He chooses the green candy out of the bowl, writes with the green pencil and wears green gloves.  When asked what he wanted for Christmas, he replied simply, “A Pillow Pet.  The green one.”  Fair enough.

I set out Christmas shopping, knowing that all three kids wanted a Pillow Pet.  The penguin was easy to find for William and I had no trouble finding a lady bug for Catheryn.  But no matter where I looked, a green one was nowhere to be found. 

I even called my mom from the store, asking for her advice.  Do I buy a different color, hoping he won’t notice?  Or do I get him something different entirely?  The decision was to get him a Pillow Pet, since that is what he really wanted, and the hope was that he would not mind that is was not green.  I took home the panda bear.   

Merry Christmas 2010

A few days ago we headed over to the mall to see Santa.  When we walked in, staring out from a Hallmark window, was the green frog.  The very Pillow Pet that Nathan had wanted.  So I took the kids downstairs to wait in line for Santa while Rob went into Hallmark to purchase their only green frog.  When Nathan sat of Santa’s knee, what did he ask for?  The green Pillow Pet.  I wanted to go running through the mall screaming that we found a green one, but I kept my excitement under control.

After we arrived home, I sent my parents this email:

“HEY!!  Guess WHAT???  You know how Nathan wanted a GREEN Pillow Pet but I couldn’t find one anywhere so I ended up getting him the panda??  Weeeeeelll… we went to see Santa in the mall and guess what was peeking out from the Hallmark window?  You guessed it!  In a mass Pillow Pet pile-up, there was one GREEN frog right in the middle!!!  So, Rob snuck in to purchase it while the kids and I went to get in line to see SANTA.  I was able to return the Panda.  So Nathan gets the one thing he wanted for Christmas… A GREEN PILLOW PET!!  Talk about being in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time!!!  Because Rob checked, and it was the ONLY one they had!!!”
The subject line read, “Winning the Lottery… Well, sort of :)”
And this morning, as the kids headed out bright and early to see what Santa had brought for them, Nathan’s face said it all.  He had gotten exactly what he had asked for.   

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Christmas Moment

  1. This is such a cute story. Often the simplest memories are the best memories. You’ll have many more before the kids are all grown. And many more after they are. Take it from someone who knows!

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