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The Lucky Ones

My mom is spoiled.  Not in a bad way, but in a loved way.  When I was growing up, she had a way of looking at my dad that made him willing to turn himself inside out and backwards in order to get her what she wanted.  Rarely do I remember her even having to ask for anything, Dad just always knew what she wanted.  They shared a secret, silent language between them, and I remember thinking how lucky she was.

It must happen gradually, this deep understanding of one another.  The ability to know what your spouse is thinking without any words being spoken.  The facial expressions, the sighs, the light in the eyes.  The dreamy stare out of the car window as you pass by Dairy Queen.

I am not sure exactly when it happened, but I, too have become spoiled.  My husband has discovered the meaning behind all my facial movements.  He knows what it means when my right eye blinks faster than my left, or when my ear twitches.  When I drool going by an ice cream shop or stare longingly as we pass by a bookstore.  Some subtle, some not so much. 

Rob will turn himself inside out for me.  He did everything in his power to get me a new camera for Christmas, because he knew it was something I would really enjoy.  He gave it to me early so I would be able to capture the last week leading up to the big day. 

I am spoiled.  Rob knows me inside out.  He knows all my quirks and loves me anyway.  Yes.  I, too am one of the lucky ones.      

Playing with my new camera.

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