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A Different Kind of Sleepover

Reading stories

Yesterday afternoon in the brightly colored Great Falls Public Library, a bunch of kids showed up to sing songs, read books and eat cookies with their stuffed animals. After about an hour of activities, the kids tucked their stuffies into bed, and left them to have a sleepover with their new friends.

Of course, it was once the kids were all gone and the animals were left alone that the real fun began. The stuffies played on

Tucking their friends into bed for the night

 the stairs, climbed on the bookshelves, gathered around the tree and read stories with Paddington Bear. This morning they were so excited to see their “kids” that they all gathered around the door. They had a great time at their sleepover.

The kids, who probably thought that their stuffed friends would simply sleep on the bed in the library all night, were surprised to receive something other than just their friends when we went back to the

Seeing pictures of their animals' activities

library this morning. They also received pictures of all the night-time activities their stuffies participated in. There were shots of all the animals in various places around the library as well as individual pictures of the critters reading books, playing in the plants and trying to climb on an elephant.

The librarians went above and beyond what anyone expected. They went all out for the kids, and this morning as we walked away, I found myself thinking that this was one of the coolest things we have ever done. Who would have thought

Spotting their stuffies

that a simple sleepover could be so great? I sure hope they do it again. Thank you Great Falls Public Library!!!


2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Sleepover

    • They loved it! Catheryn was a little nervous in the beginning because she wasn’t sure she wanted to leave one of her stuffies at the library. Once we got there though, they all had a great time.

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