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River Reflections

Once again, we were unable to resist the urge to go for a little drive.  Everything in town was white and with the sun shining, it was looking to be a beautiful day, so we set out to see how things were along the river.

Normally when we head out during the day, we don’t see a lot of wildlife, but yesterday we saw a little bit of everything it seemed.  We came across deer, pronghorn, pheasants, grouse, eagles and geese, lots and lots of geese.  I am pretty sure the geese should be some place much warmer this time of year, but for some reason they are sticking around.

My main focus tends to be the animals, but yesterday I was caught up in how different the pictures looked in color versus black and white.  I have always enjoyed b&w photos because of their elegance, but when I put these particular photos side by side, I lean more towards the color.  Perhaps it is the contrast between the pure white snow and the pretty blue sky, but something about them reminds me how it felt to actually be there.


                                                                                                        It is amazing how two pictures that are almost identical can be so different.       

2 thoughts on “River Reflections

  1. I love the top color picture! Could you please send it via e-mail? I’d really like to paint it. Thanks. We love you guys!

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