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Holiday Kick-Off

It doesn’t seem like it should be time for Christmas trees and crafts yet, but apparently the year has gone by much faster than I had thought. 

The C.M. Russell Museum sponsored A Toyland Celebration this weekend.  A whole room on the lower level was filled with art projects for kids to do.  They were able to decorate cookies, make Christmas cards, sock people and ornaments.  There was even a man walking around who all the kids were convinced was Santa.   

The museum was offering free admission for the weekend, so Rob wandered around through the art for a little bit.  There is so much to see, but we are going to have to plan that for a day when the kids have something else going on.  They aren’t ready for that type of museum just yet.   

Today we made our way over to the St. Thomas Children and Family Center for more activities.  They had big, beautiful baskets they were raffling off, so we let each of the kids pick their favorite.  We must not have won any, though, because they never called.    

The Home Depot sponsored a project in one of the rooms, so the kids were able to make their own little tool box.  With at least a dozen hammers going at once, it was a very loud room.  The kids were oblivious and had a great time. 

The center had beautiful trees on display and there were Christmas Carols being sung by a children’s choir.  As we were leaving there were a bunch of cheerleaders heading in, so apparently there was more entertainment on its way. 

It was a really fun weekend for the kids and we had fun tagging along, too.  It is wonderful that so many organizations put together free activities for family fun.  Christmas is definitely on its way, and this was a great way to kick off the Season.  Next stop, Santa Clause, because all three of the kids are dying to ask him for a pillow pet…

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