Our New Groove

With moving comes all sorts of new things.  New jobs, new school, new activities.  It takes a while for everyone to find their new role and to get comfortable with it.  I think we might finally be getting to that point.  Rob has been at his job for four months now and is comfortable with how things work, my job started with the kids’ school year and we are all rolling along just fine.  William has been to enough Cub Scout meetings to know what is expected of him and dance and basketball are going well for the twins.  New things are exciting in their own way, but it’s always comforting to settle down into a routine.

Shootin’ Hoops

Nathan started basketball this evening.  He is such a funny little boy anyway, but when he gets nervous you can multiply his silliness by about 20.  Tonight he was a dinosaur with claws up at his chest and a goofy little grin the whole practice.  He did really well shooting the ball and dribbling, and he is such a natural in the sports department that I have no doubts he will do really well.  I did talk with him after practice about leaving Mr. Dinosaur at home next time and sending Nathan in his place.  He looked up at me with his big sweet eyes and agreed.  He has his first game next week, so if anyone wants to watch a bunch of adorable kindergarteners play basketball… 

Back Under the Big Sky

It took Rob and I nine years to finally make it back to Montana. There was a draw to this state that even we could not nail down. Most of our family probably thought we were crazy to obsess over a state. At times, so did we. But no matter what we did, we could not make the desire to be back in Montana go away. If anything, it got stronger the more we tried to ignore it.

Now that we are back, it feels as though we never even left. We seem to have picked up right where we left off.  I cannot say just what it is about Montana that kept calling to us, but it seems at though John Steinbeck understood the feeling:

“I am in love with Montana.  For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection.  But with Montana it is love.  And it’s difficult to analyze love when you are in it.”  -John Steinbeck, “Travels with Charley” 


We were not able to take the trip we had originally planned for this weekend, so rather than stay home all day, we opted to go fishing.  We went to a lake just down the road and the kids and Rob all took their poles.  It was a really slow morning, and just when we were debating trying another spot…

…Rob came up with this big guy.  A beautiful 20 inch Rainbow Trout.  Needless to say, we stayed at that spot for a little while longer.  Rob’s buddy once told him that if you catch a fish while other people are watching, you get Superstar Status.  Well, me and three pretty excited kids were there cheering him on, so I think he more than qualifies.  Rob, you’re a SUPERSTAR!!!  But then again, we already knew that  🙂

Making it Work

I found yesterday afternoon to be very frustrating.  When the kids and I arrived home from school in the afternoon, I intended to give them some play time before making them do homework, and I thought it would be the perfect time to work in my writing journal. 

My prompt for the day was to write about my ideal place in 400 words.  Well, the kids were bickering and sliding around the wood floors in the laundry basket, and squealing random thoughts at me every 30 seconds.  The neighbor dogs were barking nonstop at who-knows-what.  I couldn’t even put two words together, let alone create an ideal place.  My house was so chaotic that I couldn’t even visualize that place. 

So I shut the computer down and went off to do other things.  Maybe, I thought, I need to wait a few years before I try to work on some writing creativity.  These are my child-rearing years, and perhaps that is all that I should be concentrating on.  But the other part of my brain was arguing that couldn’t I do a little something on the side?  The kids are my world, but shouldn’t I do at least one thing that makes me feel as though I am an individual, and not just a mom? 

I used to run.  Sure it was a long time ago, but I did enjoy it.  So just this week I had decided to do the “Couch to 5K” workout program to get myself back up and moving.  I felt as though I would hold off on that for a few more years also.  But this morning, Rob woke me up early.  Get out there, he said.  I fought it for a few minutes, and then got up and went outside.  I still have beads of sweat running down my face, and I feel good.  I sure am glad I did it.

When I came inside to a quiet house, I realized that I want to write.  It was at that moment that I realized that I am going to keep working at it.  Good, bad, everything in between, it doesn’t matter.  It is something that I find extremely enjoyable.  Sure there are going to be days when it is impossible to get any thoughts together, but that comes with the territory.  

In a roundabout way, I think I just answered yesterdays prompt.  I am in my ideal place.  Home.  And would you look at that, it’s 400 words.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go get the kids up…

Exploring the Capitol

Great Falls does not have a Costco, so this morning we drove to Helena to shop at theirs.  After we were finished, we ended up at the Capitol building.  We spent the afternoon watching the kids climb on everything they possibly could.  The fall colors are beautiful and today was absolutely gorgeous.  We wandered around inside the Capitol and were lost in the beauty of it.  I found myself wondering why we don’t build like that anymore.  Buildings today just don’t have the character of buildings long ago.  We didn’t really have time for the museum so, like so many other places around, we are just going to have to go back.