Here and There

Nathan had his first basketball game today!  The “green” team played the “yellow” team.  It was a great game.  Not one kid had a single clue what the heck they were supposed to do, and it was just too cute for words.  The coaches were getting quite a workout trying to get the kids from opposing teams to actually be on opposite sides.  One of the boys completely forgot that you had to dribble the ball, and so he would grab it and make a mad dash for the other side of the court.  It was great!  They all seemed to have the idea that if you were to actually get the ball, you were to run to the furthest basket regardless of which team you were on.  Catheryn and I were cheering for everyone, because they couldn’t have gotten any cuter.  And to show you just how competitive I am, I have absolutely no idea what the final score was.  I think the green team might have been up by one point, but you never can tell, a yellow kid might have made that basket!  Either way, it was great entertainment and Nathan had a wonderful time, even though he never actually got the ball.  Practice again tomorrow night, and then a game against the “purple” team next week.  

Meanwhile, on the other side of the river…

…there was an Iron Man sighting!  William and Rob were playing games, eating cupcakes, gathering candy and enjoying other fun activities at the Cub Scout Halloween party.  Each scout was responsible for taking either a dozen cupcakes or a dozen cookies plus a bag of candy, so there were more than enough treats to go around the room at least a dozen times.  The twins and I snuck into the party after the basketball game was over, so we were able to overdose on some sugar as well.  

Rob also turned in his Den Leader application!!  As much as William is enjoying the Scouts, and as excited as Nathan is to join next year, and as much time as Rob is going to end up spending there as an “adult partner”, he figured he may as well make himself comfortable.  I think he will be good at it, not to mention he will enjoy the hikes and camping trips as much as the kids will.  It will be a great way for the boys to spend some quality “man” time with their dad.