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In Search of a Ghost…

This morning we decided that since it is getting so close to Halloween, it would be great fun to find ourselves a ghost town.  We looked on the computer and found Copperopolis, about an hour and a half down the road.  Not too bad we thought, so we all piled in the car. 

The drive was great.  Pretty fall colors, a detour hike along the way, a little Mamma Mia sing-along, you know, the usual.  The only problem we encountered was that we could not find Copperopolis.  We were right where it was supposed to be, but it was not there!  The ghost town seemed to have disappeared. 

Lucky for us, we found a sign for Castle Town, another ghost town about 20 miles down a dirt road.  We decided to head into White Sulphur Springs to top off on gas and hit the bathroom, then we would go around the other direction to Castle Town so we would not have to take such a long dirt road.  Great plan at the time because we would be arriving at the ghost town in the late afternoon.   

As it turns out, Castle Town is about 45 miles from White Sulphur Springs.  Once we were finally on the right road, we realized that this particular ghost town was on private property and that we had to stay on the county road.  We were determined to see a ghost town, so we kept going.  At about 5pm, we arrived at Castle Town.  We were able to see a couple of buildings, but the rest were back off the road and we couldn’t get a good look.  We decided to pull over so we could get out to read the sign about the town.  But as soon as we stepped out of the van…

“Sssssssssssssss” was all Rob and I heard.  I think a foul word may have escaped Rob’s mouth as he rushed over to find the leak in our front tire.  I was instructed to get the fix-a-flat, only to realize that it was not in the car.  No, instead it was at home in the garage, where it belonged.  (I feel the need to insert here that it is totally unlike us to not be prepared.  Take for example, the time we went to Glacier National Park and ended up sleeping in the car because all the hotels were full and we didn’t take camping gear.  Or the time… Oh, never mind.)  Forget the ghost town, we weren’t even able to read the sign.  We got in the car, turned around, and flew down that dirt road. 

We stopped twice to fill the tire with the mini compressor before we decided to put the spare on.  No matter which way we looked, we were all alone.  There were no houses, no other cars.  Nothing.  (I believe it was right about here when my sweet husband flipped me off because I wouldn’t stop taking his picture.  I caught that on camera, too. :))

At 6:30pm, we finally arrived back in White Sulphur Springs.  We spent the next hour at the gas station fixing the tire so that we could get home.

Our check engine light must have thought we were lonely, because it decided to come on and then refused to go off.  It was dark by the time we left White Sulphur Springs and we drove the hundred miles home hoping our tire would hold out.  We made it home at 9:30. 

After all the events of the day, we didn’t even get to see a ghost town for more than 30 seconds.  Guess that means we are just going to have to go out in search of another one.  Preferably one not on private land.  Of course this will have to wait until our poor van is back up and running properly.  And he would probably like some new front tires. 

So what’s our plan for tomorrow?  We’ll be putting together a “so you are heading out on a spur of the moment trip and you have no idea where you are going or when you will be back” kit.  You know, just in case we do something like this again.  We wanted an adventure, and by golly, we got one!

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