A Temper-Tantrum for Breakfast

You know those mornings when you would do anything if you could just go back to bed?  I had one of those yesterday…

The morning started of simple enough – shower, bed made, kids up and dressed and so on.  But for some reason, about ten minutes before we were to head out the door, I convinced myself that Nathan’s basketball permission slip had to go in the mail right that minute. 

So, I filled it out and cut the bottom off so I could have the top information.  Everything was going fine until I started to fold the paper and realized that there was more to fill out on the back.  No problem, I though, I would just tape the paper back together, fill out the rest and stick it in the mail. 

When I pulled the tape out of the drawer… it was empty.  The boys had used it all up on cardboard boxes and put the empty dispenser back in the drawer.  With a grunt/growl, I shut the drawer – not quite as hard as I wanted to but a little harder than I probably should have.  Well guess what?

My digital camera battery charger was in the way.  So just how hard did I shut the drawer?  Hard enough to split the charger in half.  I am pretty sure I felt smoke coming out of my ears – and the kids were probably covering theirs. 

At this point, I all but wadded up the two and a half pieces of the permission slip and shoved it into an envelope. 

It was a local address, so it was probably received today.  I am extremely grateful that I was not present when it arrived.  My guess is that their first impression was that it was a prank.  The check for the jersey was most likely the only thing that made it somewhat authentic.  Of course with my luck, I probably forgot to sign it.    

When I take Nathan to his first practice, I will have to arrive in some sort of disguise to avoid death by humiliation.  I can just see them checking him in for the first time, opening his file, and pulling out his permission slip, all two and a half wrinkled pieces.  Yep, a disguise will most definitely be necessary…