A Loyal Companion

Who would believe such pleasure from a wee ball o’ fur?  ~Irish Saying

I still remember the first time I saw him. I had arrived at a barn to go horseback riding, and there were kittens running all over the place. Two cats had litters back to back. This particular kitten was the only one not playing. Instead, he was sound asleep on a bag of oats. It didn’t take much convincing before my mom agreed that we needed another cat. My dad was outnumbered, so he eventually agreed, too.  A few weeks later, we brought Goobers home.

We learned quite quickly that he was a special cat. More like a dog, really. He was always in your face, never met a person he didn’t like, had no trouble at all making people pet him. His hobbies were sleeping on my face and waiting for me to take a drink so he could head-butt my glass into my mouth. You couldn’t keep him off the counter, he was too good to cover the gifts he left in the potty box, and if you wanted your favorite seat, you were going to have to fight Goobers for it.

When Rob and I moved Goobers to our house in Missoula, he decided he was no longer going to eat. We force-fed him, only to watch him throw it back up. We fed him baby food, tuna and canned cat food, but he wanted nothing to do with any of it. Rob hit the jackpot when he tried raw hamburger. The two have been arguing ever since.

Over the years, Goobers has been a door greeter, a neck warmer, a bed hog and a loyal family companion. He has survived three babies pulling his tail, dragging him around and chewing on his ears. He has moved with us half a dozen times, enjoyed our dog, and been Remington P. Cat’s best friend. He has been with us for so long, that I can’t remember (or imagine) life without him.

Unfortunately, as we have gotten older, so has Goobers. He has aged pretty gracefully, but he is getting tired and eventually what is best for him will be heart-breaking for us. But hopefully that is still a long time off. For now, I will brace myself whenever I take a drink, plug my nose when I clean the potty box, and be grateful everyday that this wonderful cat has chosen to spend the last 15 years with us.

Goobers basking in the sun

 Update :  On November 11, 2010, Goobers passed away peacefully in his sleep. I miss him everyday.