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A Game of Catch

Another weekend is upon us, and it wasn’t until now that I realized just how much our lives have changed since we moved back into town.  We have done more things in the month we have lived here than we did in the last few years.  I was nervous about leaving our Hobby Farm because it was something we had always wanted, but I didn’t realize just how much it tied us down.  Oh sure, I knew we were limited on what we could do, and there were many weekends we would have done something else instead of working around the farm if we had the choice, but it just hit me how different life has become. 

The boys are out back throwing the football with their dad, the barbeque heating up for some hot dogs.  The kids had wanted to do that so many times while we were building shelters or fixing fence.  And now, that is exactly what they are doing.

So, although I do think about our old farm critters from time to time and wonder how they are doing in their new homes, I realize that we are doing pretty darn fine in ours…

2 thoughts on “A Game of Catch

  1. It’s funny… when you all moved away I cried because I was going to miss you and I hated thinking about you being in a new city and giving up your farm. I think knowing how happy you all are makes it easier to have you so far away. I admire the courage it took to pack up and move and start over, and even though I miss you all terribly, just the vision of the grill going and the ball tossing makes me smile.

    • The thought of leaving was heartbreaking, but now that we have moved and have the distance between us and the farm, it makes it easier to see both sides. I have no doubts, though, that if the job opportunity had not come up, we would have continued to enjoy farm life. Our path has just led us this direction…

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